is a Certified 3DESIGN Service Bureau

If you are a 3DESIGN user we can work from your native 3DESIGN VTF files and convert them for you.
For Designer License owners this is a valuable service as the designer license does not include an export option.

To submit your 3Design files -

Save your file as normal in a location on your computer that you will remember.
Send that file to us - it will have the file extension .vtf

3Design files can be quite large since they include parametric history and multiple parts and stones.

VTF files are usually too large for most email systems.

Compressing the file will sometimes help with file size. We accept .zip files. Only include accepted file formats in your compressed folders.

You can upload the .zip directly through our file submission form. If you are having trouble with the file submission you can use a file sharing service (, or DropBox, etc.).

Please give us a call at 952.432.4881 if you have problems sending the file.

Added benefits for 3DESIGNCare Members! *

Receive 15% off all wax model services
Limited One-Off Casting Service- Though we are not a full scale casting company we can offer our casting service to 3DESIGNCare members in Sterling Silver and 14k yellow or white gold. Limitations may apply.

Please call when submitting orders that need casting.

Let us know if you are a 3Design care member when registering so that we can update your account. Once verified you can take advantage of these added benefits. If you are already registered and want to update your status please email or call.

*Offers Subject to change.