What is CAD Jewelry Design?

CAD jewelry design means having a tool that allows an artist to be truly creative and bring their unique designs to life through computerized software (CAD) and computer aided machines (CAM). How can you set your business apart from the competition and never look back? The answer is custom jewelry design made with CAD jewelry software.

Why use CAD for Jewelry Design?

Today making a profit and staying ahead of competition is harder than ever. That is how CAD/CAM jewelry has made it beneficial because of its strengths of time savings and unlimited capabilities. You will find it possible to bring your 3D jewelry dreams to reality at the control of your fingertips.

What type of Software is used in CAD Jewelry Design?

Here at Choice Design we use 3Design CAD software and SensAble Freeform software for our designs. There are many types of CAD programs used to design jewelry and we can work with files from any CAD program including Matrix, Rhino, and Solidworks to name a few.

What Machines Make CAD Jewelry?

We use the Solidscape T76 + printers for our wax printing. The T76 + offers the highest quality waxes from a machine of this type and utilizes new surfacing technology to provide an even better surface finish. For milling we use the Roland JWX10 Wax mills. They offer speed and precision for quick prototypes and less complex designs.

Rapid Prototype Wax Printing vs. CNC Machined Parts (Mills)

3D Wax printing or wax growing machine models are far superior to milled parts in accuracy, surface finish and cost of final finishing. We will recommend printing the wax model when the piece is highly detailed and the CAD file is complete and ready for direct casting or molding. If the part is hollow or has complex galleries or undercutting it will need to be printed. Printed waxes need no clean up and are hard to modify before casting.

CNC machined wax models are an excellent representation of a part but do require some hand clean up. These are suited for bench jewelers who may want to modify the wax before casting. Milled waxes are also excellent low cost alternative for quick test prototypes.

Our team will recommend the best method for your files.