We are offering CAD service on a limited basis to the trade only. Consumers are directed to www.jayfjeweler.com.

The best success and the most affordable CAD projects start with complete dimensions, stone sizes if applicable and a description of the item and the metal to be used. Pictures, drawings, diagrams of dimensions are critical. WE DO NOT accept requests to copy items that are protected by patent or copyright. Concepts submitted must be your designs and by accepting your files, we acknowledge that your submission is yours and is not saved by us once the project is completed.

Payment for CAD service is via Paypal. Credit card payment from authorized accounts only at this time. Call for requirements to pay by credit card.

Cost for Design Services -

Our CAD artist will get back to you with a cost and time estimate.

Once we get the approval to go ahead our CAD artist creates your file and a photo-realistic rendering of the design for your approval.

Design changes that are not to specification are included.

Changes to the design that differ from the original deign or due to lack of information will incur additional charges.

Payment is set up either with a Credit Card or through PayPal.

If you need wax model service the file goes to the machines for printing or milling.

Otherwise we send a CAD model file and/or renderings to you via email.

The model file you receive is suitable for milling or printing on any machine type.

Because there are so many variations in complexity of designs. It is impossible to give an exact cost without reviewing your design ideas first.

We charge $80 per hour for design work. Most designs take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete, while very complex designs can take up to 3 hours.

This time is for actual modeling of your file. While we try to get all designs turned around in 24 hours, due to the high volume of designs submitted it may take up to 2-3 days for your CAD file to be completed.

Multiple view renderings for marketing or website use takes additional set up and time and incurs an additional charge.