Already have a CAD file? Use our wax model service to get a high quality printed or milled wax suitable for casting.

Submit your CAD file or use one one that we created for you using our design service.

We accept just about any cad file but STL is prefered.

You can also send in Native 3Design or Rhino files.

Your file is reviewed for integrity and also design flaws that will affect casting.

Model files that are going to be printed must be watertight and one complete solid. Merged parts or overlapping shells cannot be printed. This causes voids in your solid that the machine will think are supposed to be hollow. The voids will be filled with support material which has no where to go when it is melted off, causing your wax model to fall apart. Whenever possible the parts of your model should be Booleaned together into one watertight mesh. We can use software to repair a mesh but it it is not guaranteed it will work and repair programs tend to decimate the model which could effect the surface quality.

Mills read only the surface data when creating the code for cutting the part. Files for milling do not need to be watertight, but try to avoid bad edges and merged surfaces whenever possible.

Please do not export multiple models in one file as we need to arrange them on the platform for optimal printing. price is done by volume, so it will not be cheaper to attach multiple models in one file. Sprues can be added in your model but remember this will increase print times and add volume.

If no changes are needed, your file will be added to the print or mill queue.

We will always recommend the best method for your design.

Milled wax is as flexible as carving wax and can be modified using traditional hand tools.

Some parts are more suitable for printing, such as those that have "hollow" features, undercutting, very small patterns or tiny prong work.

Printed waxes are more rigid, modification is much more difficult and will represent the CAD file exactly.

Either wax can be cast using normal burn out cycles and procedures.

Printed wax can be tough to mold or cast in platinum.

If you are unfamiliar with either of these give us a call and we can discuss options.

Cost for Wax Models-

Due to the many variations in model size and complexity we cannot give exact prices without reviewing the file first, however we use a tiered system for pricing.

Printed waxes -

Sold by volume of material used.

Small - $65 (Most average sized rings, pendants, set of earrings - Most files received fall in this category)

Medium - $100 (Signet Rings or Class rings, very tall rings when laid on its side)

Large - $150 (Extremely Large or tall models, requiring more support material to build)

Milled Waxes -

Simple Flip - $35 (Pendants or bands with no cutting needed on the sides)

Full Milling - $45 (Most rings)

Complex milling strategies are quoted per job.

To get started - Register below and then use our file submission form in the Services menu above.